Our first treat…

12 Jun

I figured we had waited long enough…D and I waited until day 4, that’s right, day 4 to purchase our first treat from a patisserie.  We didn’t think we would make it back to the apartment and up the 5 flights of stairs without something.  The patisserie was fairly ordinary, nothing spectacular, but the fair was quite good nonetheless.  D had ‘drops’ – puff pastry with micro chocolate chips and I had a ‘chausson aux pommes’ – again, puff pastry with an apple filling.  For both indulgences and 2 drinks, we spent less than 5 euros – not too bad.  That was our first but certainly not our last visit to a Parisian bakery.

P.s. I broke down and bought a chocolate bar today.  So much for willpower.  But we couldn’t afford not to…a large mint-filled dark chocolate bar that reminded me of After Eight for 1.42 euros, a steal! Some of our favourite things here are cheap thankfully, chocolate and cheese.  Now it’s too bad Le Bon Marche wasn’t a discount store…


One Response to “Our first treat…”

  1. dabcan June 13, 2010 at 7:15 pm #

    ummm hello? Wine? I believe it’s cheaper than water here last time I checked…

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