Treillhard Market

14 Jun

AK and I dropped off C for her first day of classes and then set out to find a market for some much needed fruit and veggies.  There are very few markets open on Monday anywhere near our apartment, but after much searching on, I discovered one just North of the Seine.  The only problem was we walked C to school that morning, which was another 2km in the wrong direction.

We took a shortcut through Les Invalides (a military museum) and continued our walk stopping for a quick AJ break by the river. AK seems to love her stroller and keeps herself occupied watching the people go by.  We kept heading North (further than I thought) as we passed many great landmarks including some old Palaces.

We took a quick look in an old camera shop with quite a large selection of film cameras, but AK didn’t seem to share my interest, so we kept on walking.

When we finally arrived on the street where the market was to be, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Now a market should not be something that you really have to search for, usually you can see it blocks away!  Reading my directions more carefully I realized it was a “covered” market.  Now this brought images of an old 17th century square with some wooden arched roofs with a wide variety of local produce tucked away underneath.  There was nothing like this where we were.  After much searching I discovered that this “market” was actually a grocery store and a fresh fruit store side by side in a building. Worst market ever…

Needless to say we headed back home and ended up getting our produce on Rue Cler, quickly becoming our favourite shopping street.  This trip took up the whole morning, getting us home just in time to see how C’s first day of school went!


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