Luxembourg Gardens

15 Jun

It was a beautiful sunny day in Paris so we set off for Luxembourg Gardens.  Built in 1611, it now holds the French Senate, but the park is open to all with many great children’s play areas.

There were also many older men playing “Boule” (Bacci).

There was even an area with Bee hives. It wasn’t clear who tended these but there were plenty of warning signs letting you know they would sting you if you went on the grass.  This is likely just an idle threat as the French are known for large luscious green spaces where you are not allowed on the grass.  Killer bees that sting grass dwellers seems a little too hard to believe…

One of our goals this week was to find a swing set for AK to play on.  We have some just behind our house at home and used to go there almost daily.  It seems that although we have seen many play structures around town, swings are not very common, but then we came across this area of the gardens…

1.50??? Who charges kids to use swings? Clearly Paris is not perfect…  AK will have to survive without her swings I guess…


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