Lesson #1: Diamants

17 Jun

I finally enjoyed my first demonstration class yesterday at the LCB – every form of sable imaginable!  (FYI – sable is shortbread in the French patisserie world).  Now, I know sables do not sound very exciting BUT I did learn techniques that www.marthastewart.com would never pass along…and they are delicious.

After the demo class last night, we were tasked to create ‘diamants’ – a petite, sugar-encrusted morsel of butter, icing sugar and flour.  According to the chef, they should look like diamonds.  I can’t say that my treats bare any resemblance but they were by far the best shortbread I have made.  Besides, at least I didn’t forget the ‘sucre glace’ like the student next to me, oops!

We also had a quick tour of the supply room, oh boy…the chocolate, unshelled pistachios (what a dream), vanilla bean powder, and of course more chocolate.  It was my pantry’s fantasy.

Tomorrow:  tarte aux pommes…don’t you wish you were here with us?!


One Response to “Lesson #1: Diamants”

  1. debbie June 18, 2010 at 12:55 pm #

    WOW! Can’t wait to taste some of these creations

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