Lesson #2 – Pate Brisee

19 Jun

And what you have all been waiting for:

What you see is a ‘tarte aux pommes’ – the French version of an apple pie but with the distinct lack of cinnamon (hoooooray!) and obviously more detailed decoration. Pate brisee is simply sweet short crust.  We certainly took a huge leap from simple sables to fairly complex tartes.  In demonstration, the chef whipped up 3 different variations of an apple tarte, 2 of each, in less than 3 hours…

My version took 2.5 hours but I’m still proud of the end result nonetheless.   I believe the chef commented ‘tres, tres jolie’ when pointing to my creation during critique. My group also endured our first tongue lashing from the chef and since he speaks mainly en francais, I missed most of it so I’d like to think it did not involve me!  One girl did cry though…apparently her apples weren’t diced finely enough (just an idea on how firm the chefs can be with even new students).

I’m finding it difficult in our apartment the past few days because my inner Julie Child wants to come home and practice, practice, practice (luckily it’s not mountains of onion chopping in my program).  Alas, I will have to wait to come back to Canada – then you can all enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Next up:  candied fruit pound cake + madeleines (D is not nearly as excited for this one…)


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