Champs Elysees

22 Jun

Having recovered from a cold that went round the family, we are back to our daily walks! We’ve logged 10+km per day which makes us wonder if our stroller will survive the summer. Each day brings new creaks and squeaks, hopefully it makes it to September!

AK and I chose to go and walk to the Champs Elysees to see how the other half lives.  It was one of our first sunny days since we got here, but the temperatures are still very nice, staying in the low 20’s with a slight breeze most days.  We headed across the Seine and up Trocadero.  Being such a nice day, the crowds were unbelievable!  At the top of Trocadero we took a quick picture of the Tour Eiffel.

We continued along towards the Arche de Triomphe, as the crowds gradually got thicker and thicker.  Navigating Paris streets with a stroller is usually challenging, but when the crowds start to gather, it gets harder and harder to make much progress, especially as most are tourists and are merely out for a stroll.

After a quick apple juice break we headed down the Champs Elysees past all the stores.  Most have security guards posted at the doors, some even keep their doors locked and only admit people after a quick once over through the glass (such as Cartier).  The cafes were packed as it was a beautiful day, but we kept on walking and eventually crossed back over the river and headed home.

Big accomplishment today was two different tourists asked us for directions, making me feel less of a tourist and more of a local.  What really made me feel like a local was that I was able to answer all their questions!


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