La Patisserie des Reves…

22 Jun

I introduce to you one of the most amazing bakeries I have ever seen!  La Patisserie des Reves

(Sorry, my pictures do not do the patisserie any justice.)

We stumbled upon this gem on Rue du Bac the other day – the exterior is a bit unassuming but as soon as you look in, you know you have entered patisserie heaven.  In Paris, most patisseries (as well as most cafes) are fairly traditional – not to say they are boring and not delicious, but just very similar.  La Patisserie des Reves is a huge step outside the box with a round table in the centre displaying gateaux under glass domes and vienoisserie only the shelves that look like jewelry.  It’s all very chic and modern, as are the desserts – interesting interpretations on very classic French cakes and pastries.

D had the most amazing chausson aux pommes and I loved my choice, financier a la noisette…we will certainly visit this dream again!


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