Les Halles and Free Ice-Cream!

24 Jun

While I’m sure the free ice-cream got your attention, we’re saving that part to near the end of the post, so feel free to skip to the end if that’s the only reason you’re still reading…

We started the day off with… what else, a market of course! It’s hard to not go to a market (unless it’s Monday). Marche Des Enfants Rouge is a fairly small market that is all organic and has a lot of little restaurants and places that sell prepared foods to be taken home for meals.

Next we headed to La Pharmacie, which according to our book Patisseries of Paris is “hip” and “100% organic” Although the book was only published 2 years ago, La Pharmacie is now an upscale Bistrot so our late morning snack plans were scuffled.

After a quick lunch, our lack of pastries was quickly resolved by a free Ben and Jerry’s demo.  The new ice-cream was all locally produced and organic (and free!).

Lastly we hit up Les Halles, a large underground shopping mall in central Paris which looks more like a futuristic space port….


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