Secret Passages of Paris

26 Jun

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, I highly recommend checking out It’s a city run website all about Paris and it has a wealth of info on what to do and where to go in this great city.  If you understand French I’d recommend reading that version of the site as I feel it has a bit more content than the English version.  While on this site the other day, I found an article about “Les Passages Secret de Paris”. These secret passages are essentially covered shopping areas that cut through the centre of city blocks.  They often have glass roofs and have some wonderful old architecture as well.

AK and I decided we would brave the Metro to get to the start of our trip, so I carried the stroller and put her in the sling (with a camera bag on the other shoulder of course!).  On both trains we were offered seats by numerous people, however once you’re loaded up with all that gear, it’s really easier just to stay standing…  We got off at La Bourse (stock exchange) and were quickly off into Passages des Panoramas (built in 1799), filled with many great looking restaurants all overflowing with people.  Tons of photographic opportunities, however many pictures were taken with the xpan, so we’ll need to wait until the film is developed (couldn’t resist panoramic pictures in these hallways!)

This connected to passages Jofroy and Verdeau (with a few street crossings thrown in) which contained more restaurants, used book stores, and a few toy and art supply stores.  At this point we got hopelessly lost (a daily occurrence it seems!), and after a half hour wander, somehow managed to find the passage Choiseul.

This passage led on to the gallerie Viviene with some incredible mosaic floors.  They weren’t all as well preserved as in the photo above, but overall it was quite spectacular.

After this we took a quick shortcut through the Jardin du Palais Royal (the royal gardens) and then past the Louvre and home!


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  1. t.on.air March 5, 2012 at 12:15 pm #

    Love the last photo. Keep up the good work.

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