Paris Walk #49 : Bois de Boulogne

28 Jun

Another beautiful hot and sunny day had us looking for somewhere nice to go to spend it.  The Bois de Boulogne is a park built by Napoleon III in 1852 for the enjoyment of Parisians.  It is quite a large park with a few roads through it as well as a swimming pool, race track, and apparently the largest red light district in Paris (but not till after dark…)

We started off from the Metro out our front door, the first of three to get to our destination!  The 6th line of the metro runs above ground and is quite nice as you go over the Seine and see the Eiffel Tower and some other big sights of Paris.

It was quite a hike from the Muette Metro station to the park.  We should note here that while the Parisians are quite proud of their parks and green spaces, they likely won’t impress too many Canadians.  A perfect example was in the Bois de Boulogne where they have two lakes, Superior and Inferior.  Interestingly enough, Superior is the smaller of the two, although both are not much more than a slough and are smaller than most boats that would go on the “real” Lake Superior.

This little water fall was quite nice, tucked away on a small trail in the shade.  I thought it would make a nice romantic spot for some of the red-light district revellers, although I guess romance isn’t really the point now is it…

After rounding Lake Superior (the only time in our lives we’ll do it in under 20min, by foot), we headed on to Lake Inferior (which as you’ll recall is far Superior to Superior, but Inferior to the real Superior, hope you’re still following…)  On this lake they rented row boats and even had a “ferry” to get you to a small island.  This seemed lovely and all (and was quite popular), however when you consider that the depth of this veritable inland sea ranges between ankle and knee height, you could quite easily fjord it at one of it’s narrower points by simply rolling up your pant legs…

We had a quick picnic in the shade, and then headed home to the sauna known as our apartment.  We plan on many more Sunday picnics so look forward to more photos to come.


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