The Ventilation Tower…

28 Jun

After 2 days of 30 degree heat (and nothing below 30 forecasted for the next week), we gave in.  With just over an hour before closing time, I had had enough and ran down the stairs, hopped on two different metros and made it to BHV before closing.  BHV (Bazaar de l’Hotel de Ville) is much like Sears in Canada.  They are a very large department store in downtown Paris (and elsewhere too) that sells everything from power tools to jewellery.  Interestingly enough, although 100% of the people who live in the centre of Paris are in apartments, and the only green spaces around are owned by the city, I have never seen such a fantastic lawn mower/whipper snipper selection in my life (possibly because no one ever buys them…).

After searching the store from top to bottom I finally asked for directions and found the fans in the hardware section.  Now while I said it was like Sears, a big difference is that the hardware section was the size of your average Totem store!  They even sold lumber!  We got an inexpensive fan for only 20 euros (and it’s been running round the clock ever since!) as well as a cooler bag to help us take home purchases from the numerous markets around town.

I most enjoyed the labels on the box, as in french it called it a tower fan, but in english, it was a “Ventilation Tower” sounds quite grand…


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