Lesson #7: Meringue

1 Jul

My arms are going to be sore tomorrow – did I ever take advantage of the fact that I have a very convenient stand mixer to whip egg whites to submission.   Thankfully meringue was only part of our task today.  We actually created a dacquoise (a meringue based cake) with praline buttercream and here she is:

It was all going so well until I heard the chef yell ‘Non!’ as though I had tried to hand him my clever blade first.  Apparently my buttercream decoration on top was not what he wanted, but it was too late to remove…the funny thing is, in the demonstration, this is what another chef did!?  Otherwise, I think he was quite pleased, although he didn’t speak a word of English so who knows what he said about the cake. At least he didn’t laugh at mine and tell me that my piping looked like poop from a ‘petite chien’…that poor other student!

Five days off now – no lesson updates for a while but we are headed to Antwerp tomorrow so stories will be from Belgium!


One Response to “Lesson #7: Meringue”

  1. Jenny July 5, 2010 at 5:50 pm #

    Love meringue!! Looks yummy!

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