Paris Walks #12: Ile St. Louis

1 Jul

Our latest Paris Walk took us to the Ile St. Louis.  This is the small island that is located to the East of Ile de la Cite (where Notre Dame is).  It’s hard to believe that at some point this was a natural island in the middle of the Seine, possible with grass and trees!  Now it is built up right to the water’s edge with lots of shops and apartments.

The main reason for choosing this walk was to get some Berthillon ice cream. This world renowned ice-cream store has an amazing variety of delectables desserts.  It actually closes for the whole of August, so we felt we should go before they shut down for the month.

The small store was packed and a line-up overflowed out onto the street.  It was well worth the wait, C having a scoop of wild strawberry and a scoop of something orange that we couldn’t figure out, while I had one of dark chocolate and another chocolate with bits of orange, delightful!  AK quite eagerly took samples from both of ours, although I feel she may have liked the chocolate one best…


One Response to “Paris Walks #12: Ile St. Louis”

  1. grandma R July 1, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    perfect way to celebrate Canada Day even so far away–Grandpa and I may just go to the Milky Way for an ice cream before the football game

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