3 Jul

C had a few days off so we hopped on a train and headed to Antwerp, Belgium.  The trains are very fast and quite cheap, oddly enough our fares actually went down because we had a baby with us, not up!?  We’ve been in quite the heatwave lately, with it staying above 30 for over a week solid now.  Our 5th floor apartment doesn’t cool off too much, so our poor fan is running round the clock to keep us from sweating away to nothing… We were all quite excited to see that (according to Expedia) our hotel room was air conditioned.  Upon our arrival, we discovered not only did it not have AC, the windows didn’t really open either, making our sauna of an apartment in Paris seem like a deep freeze…  At about 3am, with all three of us awake and drenched in sweat, we got dressed and headed out for a walk.  It was much cooler outside and we all cooled off and came back in and slept the rest of the night. Expedia also said we had free Wifi, which by free apparently they meant $4/hour…

Antwerp is a very nice city with many old buildings.  The train station is incredible, I can’t resist walking through it every time we have a chance.  Our hotel is in the diamond district, almost every store on our street sells diamonds, it’s hard to imagine that they can all stay in business.

I was quite excited to find stroopwafels and we bought a small bag so that AK could get her first taste.  She loved them, looks like we’ll have to buy a few packages to take back to Paris.  C has found a new love in Kriek beer. It’s a Belgian beer with cherries in it and costs less than pop.  We’ve had one each day and I think a few might find there way into our bags for the train ride home.

AK is 10 months old today! hard to imagine, it has flown by so quickly!


One Response to “Antwerp”

  1. Amy Ford July 5, 2010 at 1:57 pm #

    AK is already 10 months and has already been to the Tour. That might just top D’s time at the JO.

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