Paris Walks #41/42: Montmartre 1 & 2

8 Jul

C has an easy week at school so we took advantage of another nice sunny day to do two Paris Walks around Montmartre.  We started off at the Lamarck Caulaincourt Metro station and headed up the cobble stone roads.  We passed the only vineyard still within the city limits of Paris. It’s about the size of a North American suburban backyard, but it still produces wines sold each year for a local charity.

After a quick tour of the hill, we headed down to the base and past the Moulin Rouge.  This street must have the highest concentration of sex shops in the world as you head towards the famous Sacre Coeur church.  I’m not sure if the stores and the church are supposed to cancel each other out, however it was quite entertaining reading all the creative names that the proprietors had come up with: Sexy Supermarket, Porno Place, the Sexy Shop, and for the historians – the Porno Museum…

We took a quick snack break at the base of the hill, where Aria managed to convince two french ladies to give her one of her cookies (and she can’t speak English OR French…).  The church was packed with tourists (as usual) so after a brief rest in the shade, we headed back down to a metro station and headed home.


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