Lesson #8 – Saint-Honore

9 Jul

It’s hot here…as in it’s almost 11 p.m. and it’s still close to +30 outside hot.  And unfortunately the kitchen at school was nearly the same temperature (still a nice break from the apartment that I think was hotter inside today than out!).  Probably not the best conditions for whipping up chantilly cream, but we did our best.

This particular cake is named after Saint Honore, the French patron saint of bakers and pasty chefs (who knew there was such a thing?).  The best way to describe it is whipped cream pie.  Although simple in description, a bit fussy to make, especially in a 30 degree kitchen.  The base is a sweet tart crust with a swirl of pate a choux (also used to make the cream puffs)…then individually baked puffs are dipped in caramel and adhered to the base.  The rest is just chantilly cream, a.k.a. sweetened whipped cream – and there was a  lot of chantilly cream!   In our very impressive equipment kit, there was even a special pastry bag tip used for this cake and only this cake.

The chef only spoke French so with my slowly growing vocabulary, I managed to pick up a few pointers – he was fairly easy on us today due to the heat.  I’m glad I took a photo while at school because it did not look like this when I got home.

Next week is rather slow again – only one demonstration and one practical due to Bastille Day.  It’s also consists of pears which D is allergic to.  Luckily, our building’s concierge gladly takes baking off my hands!


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