Paris Walk #44: Parc des Buttes Chaumont + a picnic…

11 Jul

Another hot Sunday and another Paris walk…we hoped to take advantage of some shade in a new park and escape the oven we call our apartment.  As suspected, many other Parisians and tourists followed suit…

This was our view during our picnic:

The park was not as vast as Bois de Bolougne and MUCH more hilly but there was excellent shade and a very interesting waterfall (it was in a cave with stalactites), which also offered some well-deserved cool breezes.

One thing that baffles in Paris are the runners.  This was a great park for such exercise and every second person was running or jogging but they are often in plain clothes, like something you would wear to the grocery store with anything but running shoes?   Don’t get me wrong, there were a number of serious runners and even a running club but the majority of people was saw today were wearing slacks and collared shirts…it’s bizarre.

And back to the Paris walk – D managed to muster the courage to cross a suspension bridge and we hiked the stroller up to a gazebo…this was our view.

And these were the odd pinecones below…

We cheated a bit and skipped the bits before and after the park as the Paris Walk suggested – we just headed to the Metro, only a making a quick popsicle stop along the way.

Tomorrow is to be in the low 20’s.  The weather man better not being lying!


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