Paris Walks #38: Passy

12 Jul

Another hot and sunny day in Paris, so what else is new…  We pulled out walk #38 up rue Passy, although I read three different cards and in my head combined the best features from all three.  This ended in disappointment as there really wasn’t a lot to see on this walk.

We started right from our apartment and headed across the Champs de Mars and past Trocadero to the Rue Passy.  This is your typical shopping street with nothing really new to see.  We had a not so impressive lunch at a small bakery where the waitress couldn’t seem to understand croque monsieur (basically a grilled cheese), and after we were long done our meal, she was in no hurry to give us our bill until we slowly walked out of the shop…

Near the end of our walk, we ended up in the Jardin du Ranelagh in search of some swings for AK to play on.  I’m at a bit of a loss to explain this, but swings in Paris are about as rare as the loch ness monster.  We’ve only seen two so far, and they are fenced off and locked when not in use. When in use you don’t get to push your child, you pay someone 2 euros to do this for you.  You must sit behind the fence at a safe distance.  I think AK and I could start up a great business by the eiffel tower with a few boards on ropes hung from the many trees!  We’ll continue our search but I think we’ll need to wait till we visit another country.


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