Lesson #9: Tarte aux Poires

15 Jul

To be honest, this tarte aux poire had a much longer name but my french remains so poor I can’t remember it all!  Sorry!  It’s a pear tart with raisins and black currents topped with a crisp almond meringue topping. Sadly, it’s not the most exciting dessert to look at but it was not without it’s charm.  D was not a fan but he was allergic to pears as a child and just does not like them now.  I can’t say this was my favourite either – the black currents were very sour and overtook the pears.  The addition of raisins was a bit of an odd texture and there was an awful lot of Poire William

BUT did I ever rock that crust!  There is something very satisfying in accomplishing a feat that has in the past been quite difficult.  Pate sucree and pate brisee…not my forte!  That is not the case anymore though, it worked so well this time.  I’m not sure what I did differently but I hope it continues to be this easy!

Another slack week – we are off until next Wednesday but then things pick up until the end of the semester.


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