17 Jul

No, not the cream, the town…we embarked on a mini-adventure this morning. We headed to Gare du Nord to catch a TER train to Chantilly, only a 25 minute ride away from Paris.

Of course, miss AK had her own seat.

After a lovely little coffee break (the cheapest coffee we have had since arriving!), we hit up the Saturday market and took a stroll around the town centre.

The majority of our day was spent at the Chateau de Chantilly, which is said to be where Chantilly cream originated.

It took some time to get out there but it was certainly worth the walk.  The castle was reminscent of Chateau Versailles but much more enjoyable due to the smaller crowds.  The museum inside hosts a number of famous works and a very impressive library.

AK didn’t seem all the interested in looking at the paintings, so we spent a lot of time looking out (and at) the windows…

The grounds were equally spectacular and quite vast.  We didn’t have a lot of time to look around but we did make it to Le Hameau, a group of peasant-style houses that were originally very grand inside.  The one is now a restaurant where you can actually dine on a ‘coupe de Chantilly’ – a bowl of straight-up Chantilly cream for a whopping 4.60 euros!

There was actually a kangaroo enclosure – yes, that does seem a bit odd.  Unfortunately, AK’s desire to be out of the stroller and our need for lunch did not allow a visit but it did peak our interest.

After lunch and indulging in a dessert, we headed back to Paris.  We certainly enjoyed the calm in Chantilly…we are going to try to enjoy more of these one-day trips in the near future.


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