Paris Walks #16: The Fifth Arrondisement 3

19 Jul

I would be lying if I said we did this Paris Walk to completion…we were doomed from the minute we left the apartment and got on the metro going the wrong direction (totally due my chatting and not paying any attention).   When we finally arrived at the first station at the walk, it had already become quite hot out and AK was hungry.  With a cracker in her hand and a water bottle in D’s, we set out for a less than thrilling stroll down bd. Saint Germain to see one of Francois Mitterand’s Grand Projets, the Institut du Monde Arab. Across the street was the Musee de Sculpture en Plein Air – interesting but terribly vandilized (even as we walked by, someone was relieving themselves on one of the sculptures).

Next stop was Jardin des Plantes where you find beautiful gardens, Museum d’Histoire Naturelle and more –  it’s too bad M+N weren’t with us because they would have LOVED the dinosaurs!

At this point we are even hotter, AK is dying to get out of the stroller and there is much more to see.  We hit up the Arenes de Lutece, a stadium that was supposedly created sometime in the second century, and take a shortcut back to the metro.

This walk was less than epic, but hey, at least we got out of the teeny apartment for a few hours.  We are definitely screening these Paris Walk cards a lot more closely from now on…


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