Les Quatre Temps…

20 Jul

Oh, shopping malls…I can’t say that I miss them at all.  I love all the quirky little shops here, specializing in everything from tape to cork (more on that later).  But we needed a few things and didn’t really want to start searching the city for these very specific items.  It was another scorcher here in Paris and we were looking for some relief from the heat as well.  D and AK had been up to the La Defense area last week and noticed a very large, very North American-style mall so we headed back.

Upon exiting the metro, I felt like we had entered another city.  It’s much newer in La Defense, less apartments, more modern office towers.  The mall was called Les Quatre Temps and was enormous and busy!  We didn’t manage to find anything we needed but we did see a 5 kg container of Nutella in Toys’r’us, seriously 5 kg (D calculated that it was over 25 000 calories)…we thought it was a novelty jar until we tried to lift it.  After a quick lunch at Paul, we briefly checked out a few stores but it had grown so crowded, we were itching to head home and to a park for AK to go wild.

I’m sure we will find ourselves heading backing at some point, there looked to be a great hypermarche at one end – perhaps a nice change from the Carrefour.

Back to school tomorrow…more treats coming your way later on this week.


One Response to “Les Quatre Temps…”

  1. Stacey July 21, 2010 at 5:24 am #

    If I get to choose how to die… The 5 kg Tub of Nutella would be my choice!

    I love reading your blog! and I miss you!!

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