Wino Wednesday –

21 Jul

There isn’t a good story to go along with this week’s wine.  It was just a random and tasty bottle of red, one of our cheaper choices thus far (although you can go for less than a euro if you are brave enough).  We ventured quite far south into the 13th to find the Geant Casino, a new hypermarche in a fairly odd shopping mall that had a fish-only pet store and beside is a fishmonger…hmmmmm.

Wine: Corbieres (Red)

Where’d we buy it:  Geant Casino (hypermarche)

How much did it cost: $2.56

Why did we pick it: The fleur de lis embossed on the bottle, D said you can’t go wrong with embossed bottles…

Was it good: Not too shabby, D put it as no. 2 for him so far.  I didn’t imbibe too much this go around but I thought it was pretty good.  The selection was incredibly overwhelming at the Casino – think the aisles at your local Loblaws/Superstore – ya, that many bottles…of just red!


One Response to “Wino Wednesday –”

  1. Erin & D-Rod July 22, 2010 at 12:04 am #

    That sounds like a dream, row upon row of red wine. ahhhh

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