Lesson #11: Tartlettes

24 Jul

I can’t say that D was disappointed when I came home with these:

On the left, tartlette au chocolat and on the right, tartlette a l’orange…both heavenly and dangerous.  The chocolate had a puddle of dark chocolate ganache on top of a layer of very soft, almost flourless chocolate cake.  For the orange, think lemon meringue pie filling but sweet fresh orange with a caramelized top.  Oh so good…and my crust was pretty much bang on this time, just a little too thick but the chef did not mind.  I brought 7 home and I think there is 1 left, in the matter of 24 hours, yikes!  It’s ok, we’re off to see Lance tomorrow for the final leg of the Tour de France and we’ll walk off all those calories…

On another note, here are my goofs after a tartlette sugar high:


One Response to “Lesson #11: Tartlettes”

  1. lemondedemina July 24, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    What a nice feel good post 🙂 Enjoyed reading that! I lived in France for a year and me and my friend used to have “dessert days” when we’d go pick up something like that from the local bakery. Ahh, miss those times!


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