Wino Wednesday – The Duel…

28 Jul

We had visitors this week (hooray!) and when C invited them over for dinner they asked what they should bring.  I suggested chairs as we only have one, however my comment was dismissed and instead it was decided on wine.  We had told them of our Wino Wednesday feature, so as a challenge they brought two bottles, and we all had a good ol’ fashion wine tasting. The results were surprising!

Wine: Chateau Peyrouquet Saint Emilion, and Marquis de Prayniac Bergerac (both Red)

Where’d we buy it:  We didn’t ask, but likely one of the local grocery stores.

How much did it cost: $6.99 (big spenders! I’m being serious here) and $2.99 (more like our kind of wine…)

Why did we pick it: We didn’t…. I believe they usually liked Saint-Emilion, but they also enjoyed any wines from Bergerac.

Was it good: So who won?  Well with four tasters, three preferred the Marquis de Prayniac (ie. the cheap one that was half the price!), while the fourth person didn’t really like either.  I quite enjoyed it, somewhat reminiscent of our Chemin de Papes purchase. Not quite as good, but a fair bit cheaper too.


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