Lesson #12: Moka

29 Jul

Yes, it’s Moka with a ‘k’, not a ‘ch’…which also means it’s a coffee-flavoured cake, not coffee+chocolate as D and I expected.  And it was delicious…2 layers of hand-whipped genoise soaked with a coffee syrup, coated in coffee buttercream (E-rod – I think you might have a new favourite) and caramelized chopped almonds.  I’m fairly certain this has been D’s most loved so far…

Unfortunately, the chef dove in a tried a bite before I got a picture BUT I was the star that day, not the cute blonde American who smiles even when she is being yelled at.  The cake was decorated as desired and soaked properly with syrup.   Finally, a win for C.


One Response to “Lesson #12: Moka”

  1. Erin & D-Rod July 29, 2010 at 10:56 pm #

    Coffee buttercream icing?!? I never knew something so delicious existed. I am very excited to try….just don’t ruin it by putting it on a chocolate cake 🙂

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