Annual Closures…

3 Aug

For those of you who have not been to Paris in August, you may find this post a bit odd…

Each year during the month of August, many Parisians pack up their belongings and head elsewhere for a holiday.  The thing that’s odd is that they leave for the entire month, and it’s a wide selection of the population.  What’s more is that many stores, from bakeries to realtors to hair dressers, simply close up shop for the entire month.  There doesn’t seem to be any thought about hiring on staff to cover, or the revenue that their store is losing while they are away.

So as you walk down the streets this week, one in four stores are closed with a small sign in the window (usually hand written), saying “Fermetures Annuelles” and the exact dates of their vacation.  Luckily our local bakery remains open for August, keeping us well stocked each day with wonderful baguettes!


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