Lesson #14: Brioche

4 Aug

Oh, so much brioche…and at the end of a week that included that fabulous Moka cake and croissants.  It was butter overload!  Luckily we headed to Market Harborough to visit some major brioche fans.  AK’s new found cousin told me it was the best brioche she had ever had, it was very cute.  Sadly, it was not the best looking butter-laden bread one has ever seen but it did taste quite good…

Brioche can be found in many shapes and forms but my favourite were the beauties on the left, pain aux raisin (similar to cinnamon buns but filled with pastry cream).   And I will admit, we cheated a bit – we did not have to make this by hand…quelle horreur!   The chef stressed that brioche is actually much better when made by a machine and I’m so very glad that is the case.  I couldn’t imagine slapping 2 kg of dough against the marble for 30 minutes…although that would have been a good way to burn off the brioche calories.


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