Wino Wednesday – Monoprix Merlot 2008

4 Aug

Yes, I bought grocery store wine but in my defence, I was romanced by the label, plain and simple.  D is often drawn towards more intricate, elaborate labels, where I head straight for bold colour and simplicity.  And as you might have gathered, we choose according to labels – I’m sure this has come up before.  We are not sommeliers or even seasoned wine drinkers, we are amateurs and choose based on our gut feeling rather than previous experiences, grape or vintage.

I found this mini bottle at the Monoprix close to school.  The size sold me – lately, we can’t seem to keep up our wine drinking, how un-French we are!   I can’t say I was as romanced by the wine as I was the packaging.

Wine: Hmmm, your guess is as good as mine.  It is a Monoprix brand and simply states ‘Merlot 2008’ on the bottle…classy.

Where’d we buy it:  Monoprix

How much did it cost: $2.50 – a bit of a splurge for the size

Why did we pick it: Well, I’m a sucker for mini bottles, as previously mentioned.  The simple, graphic label also helped the sale.

Was it good:  It was so-so.  The bottle claimed ‘une note de cerise noire, fraise des bois et fougere’.  I really only noted the afterburn.


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