Lesson #15: Charlotte aux poires

5 Aug

Charlotte aux poires was the lesson but we actually created a charlotte au mangue.  Quite simply, a charlotte is a ring of lady fingers filled with mousse.  It’s true – we actually made our own lady fingers and there were beyond easy.  I then filled the Malibu-soaked ring with pineapple and mango mousse – a tropical treat!

I can’t say my version was much of a looker but at least it did not resemble a mushroom like others around the room (the lid had some pretty wicked overhang!).  The creations continue to become more complicated and I’m loving it…tomorrow – Mogador (aka chocolate and raspberry mousse cake)!

Our first and only written exam has come and gone as well, thank goodness.  I’m not sure how memorizing the ingredient list for Gateau Basque will make me a better pastry chef but the school seems to think so…so I cooperated.


One Response to “Lesson #15: Charlotte aux poires”

  1. Sarah August 6, 2010 at 2:38 pm #

    YUM! Sounds delish! Glad you are enjoying everything 🙂

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