Paris Walks #33: Bercy

7 Aug

We went for a Paris Walk which started in Bercy, once a town outside of Paris, it’s now a suburb.  The main attraction of this area is the newly built National Library, one of former President Francois Miterand’s “Grand Projets” or Big Projects.

The buildings are made to look like 4 giant open books with a courtyard and trees in the middle.  One design flaw is that the books were stored up against the windows, causing UV damage so wooden blinds had to be installed in every window of the four buildings after they were built.

Crossing over the river, we went to Cour St. Emilion, which is a former set of Wine warehouses which has been turned into an outdoor shopping centre.  The outsides of all the buildings have been kept in their original state, and old railway tracks still run down the main walkway.

We took a quick coffee break and C had the largest Cafe Creme known to man…

Next we moved on to Parc de Bercy which was a fairly small park with lots of plants and this great statue surrounded by lily pads.

On the other end of the park there was a new sports stadium with some very uninviting water out front.  We also passed some people practicing juggling swords, but they looked like they were beginners so we didn’t go too close…

This was the pedestrian bridge heading back over the Seine. It reminded us of the Millennium Bridge in London, although this one spans two major roads and the Seine.

This statue was along the river and seems to be in stark contrast to the usual traditional Parisian statues you see around town.

Heading back to the Metro we couldn’t help but grab a quick picture of this floating swimming pool.  It was a new modern pool that was floating in the Seine… An efficient use of space we guess….


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