Lesson #17: Pithivier

11 Aug

Also known as Three Kings Cake, the Pithvier was the latest challenge.   We tackled puff pastry again – the more practice, the better I figure.  This particular gateau is often only made during Epiphany.  It’s quite simply puff pastry with almond filling – but it’s tricky to make!

I think we whisked that almond cream for at least 10 minutes…by hand!  And I will admit, the beginnings of my dough was actually a huge flop but I did not have time to start over and admit failure.  I somehow managed to save it and it actually turned out as it should.  Who says homemade puff pastry is tough?!

With the scraps, cinnamon puff pastry twists were born:

AK was quite sad as she could not join in the tasting fun – both were full of almonds.  It’s a tough week here, we have to admit defeat on our pastry eating as I will bring home something on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and we can’t physically manage to eat it all…too bad you weren’t here to help us out.


One Response to “Lesson #17: Pithivier”

  1. leftmyheartinparis August 11, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

    On my way out the door to get some cinnamon pastry…hopefully I can find something as good as yours looks. YUM!

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