Wino Wednesday: Cellier des Dauphins

18 Aug

Another Wednesday, another wine.  C said she felt like a Rose, which is funny cause she sure didn’t look like one…. Ok enough with the bad jokes, and onto this week’s critique.

Wine: Cellier des Dauphins, Cotes du Rhone (Rose)

Where’d we buy it:  Franprix

How much did it cost: $3.75, sort of a middle of the road wine.  You see this wine in Rose and Red, and I’m always tempted by the bottle shape, I think we might even have a bottle of this in Red sitting at home in our kitchen as long as Trevor didn’t become a sommelier while we were gone…

Why did we pick it: It was a Rose, there aren’t too many to chose from, that plus it was a different shaped bottle, and generally Cotes du Rhones are fairly good.

Was it good:  Well honestly, I was craving something sweet, apple juice sweet, so drinking whine was likely to be a disappointment no matter what, but it was pretty good as far as wine goes, nice to have something a little different after so many weeks of red wine.  Maybe next week we’ll go crazy and buy a bottle of white…


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