Galleries Lafayette

22 Aug

Faced with yet another rainy day we made a trip to Les Galleries Lafayette the other day.  It is an enormous department store that definitely caters to the upper echelons of french society.  The above picture was taken from their champagne bar, I assume after you have spent your life savings on a pair of socks, you are supposed to go and celebrate with an even pricier bottle of bubbly… We unfortunately didn’t find any socks so had no use for the champagne…

It’s quite the sight to see all the people and the outrageous items being sold.  The baby clothing section had items from Dolce & Gabana, Prada, and Chanel.  There were baby fur coats, diamond encrusted shoes, and of course, baby perfume (be a lot easier than changing them…).  Although looking at the price tags of the ugliest items and giggling is generally frowned upon in such stores, we were looking for entertainment, and this kept us occupied for the better half of the morning.


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