Marseille…Day 1

24 Aug

I think the best word to describe Marseille is…H-O-T!  We were expecting mid 20’s and received mid 30’s.  We arrived in the heat from a delightful 3.5 hour train from Paris (AK slept quite a bit, it was wonderful), promptly found the metro and headed to our hotel, thank goodness for AC.

The first order of business was to hit up the Tourism Office as we came ill-prepared for our adventure and had not planned much.  On our way, we discovered that although Marseille is the oldest city in France, it’s surprisingly modern – the stroller thanked us for the lack of cobblestone sidewalks.  Most of the developments appeared to be newer than what we were used to in Paris.  The office was located right in the middle of tourist-central, Vieux Port and the Mediterranean Sea breezes were most welcome.   After we checked out the port, I thought it would be a good idea to see Notre-Dame de la Garde, a beautiful church that was supposedly not that far from Vieux Port.

As the picture indicates, we didn’t exactly make it to the church.  At one point D complained of the lack of oxygen in the air up there and then we finally made it to the ‘entrance’ that consisted of so many unfriendly stairs, I settled for a photo from below.  The next frustration was dinner, which was not served until 8pm in Marseille…anywhere. Unfortunately, we happen to be coaxing a baby to sleep at that point each evening so we settled for pizza and kriek, but we were so glad we did:

That’s right, pizza from a truck and it was awesome.  He actually had a wood-burning oven inside and sang the entire time he was rolling the dough and slicing the fresh vegetables.  We devoured it along with the delicious cold, cherry beer and were much happier in our air conditioned hotel with a sleeping baby.


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