Marseille – Day 2

26 Aug

For our second day in Marseille, we actually left the town and went elsewhere.  A short train ride took us to the nearby town of Arles, which has a fair bit of roman ruins in the town including a coliseum and amphitheatre.

The main reason for going to Arles was to see the world famous “Rencontres Arles” which is over 60 different photography exhibitions held all over town.  This event is held each summer and attracts photographers from all over the world.  While there were over 60 exhibits, to see them all would require several days, I managed to see about 20 of the exhibits, although some I browsed very briefly as they didn’t interest me too much.  I found it interesting that some of the displays weren’t really photography at all, more sculpture.  The one exhibit was about old carnivals and how they used to have a shooting gallery where every time you hit the bullseye it triggered a camera to take a picture of you.  At the end of the exhibit they had a small air rifle range for people to try it out.  I was tempted but there was a long line up and I was already running a bit late.

While I went to the various exhibits, C and AK roamed the streets of Arles through the many squares and pedestrian ways.  They also spent much time at the market and in the central park in the shade as the temperatures were in the mid-30’s that day.  One very nice thing about the South of France are Granita’s.  These are basically Slurpees, but this is something we haven’t had since we left in June, and a real treat when the weather is so hot!.  Unfortunately they cost about 4 times as much as in Canada.


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