Marseille – Days 3,4 and half

27 Aug

The next day in Marseilles, we felt like we needed a boat trip to get a feel for the Mediterranean and the rugged coast.  There were a few different boat trips available, but one of them took you to the famed Island of If (no this isn’t a monty python skit, it was actually called If), where there was an old castle.  It was originally built to help defend the port city, however it was turned into a prison in the 1800’s.  This is the prison where the fictional Count of Monte Cristo was held.  The unfortunate thing about the castle, is that they have turned it into a celebration of the book (which as I said is fictional), and little of the actual history of the castle is on display.

The next day we decided it was high time that AK took a dip in the Mediterranean, so we suited her up and after a small mix-up on the bus numbers, we found our way to the beach.  While C was being shocked by some of the older ladies without tops on, AK and I headed into the surf.  The water was a balmy 20 degrees celsius, however AK didn’t seem to think this was quite warm enough.  After much screaming (and a few tears), we were back on dry land.  Hopefully she develops a bit more of a love for water in the future.

On our last morning in Marseille, we had a couple of hours to kill before we headed to the train station, so we went to see a building designed by le Corbusier.  It was quite colourful and in contrast to the other buildings of the area.


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