Merce and the Muse…

28 Aug

Ahhh, coffee love…we hit up a sweet little coffee shop in the Marais yesterday, Merce and the Muse.  I had read about this jem on the entertaining and informative HiP Paris blog quite some time ago and we finally found a spare afternoon to enjoy the amazing decor, vintage tunes and of course, delicious coffee.

Merce and the Muse is a quaint but trendy shop in the uber-cool Haut Marais – it has earned some local acclaim as of late for it’s well-executed espresso.  Coffee is tricky in Paris.  Its seems to vary quite a bit everywhere you go – some thick, some thin, some with grinds on the bottom and others glorious crema floating on top.   Our barista definitely got it right in my books.  I had by far the best cappuccino since arriving here with foam thick enough to hold the coarse sugar on top.

Oh, and they had delicious looking treats and lunch items as well…maybe next time, and there will certainly be a next time.  I loved the vibe, the staff, the tile floor and naturally the caffeine.  AK loved attention…


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