New apartment…. HOORAY!!!!!

29 Aug

Today was moving day.   When we decided to stay an extra 3 months in Paris, we had to find a new apartment as ours was no longer available.  We were hoping for something bigger, cheaper, and in a better location.  Probably asking a bit much really…  Our old apartment was in a very touristy area, however it had great markets and groceries stores which was very handy.  The big problem was it was TINY (150 sqft, including everything).  Rentals in Paris are hard to come by, and things were looking pretty grim until we got an email from Paris Attitude telling us that they had an apartment that had been out of our price range, but due to some water damage, they were renting it at a discount.  We took a quick look at the online pictures and signed the lease immediately.

So while we were previously a few hundred metres from the Eiffel Tower, we are now a few hundred metres from Sacre Coeur (from one monument to the next…).  The area isn’t as well kept as our old one, and the building is pretty run-down on the outside and in the stairwells.  None of this really matters because we now have 300 sqft!!!  Not to mention a bedroom, and a bathroom with a door and a toilet that you don’t have to sit sideways on to fit inside the bathroom!   While the building is run down, our apartment is very nice and looks to have been recently re-done.

We’re now only on the 4th floor instead of the 7th which makes all the difference when you are making multiple trips up and down each day.  The kitchen now has counter space and you can’t touch both walls at the same time with your shoulders!

Moving was a breeze as it only took an hour to pack up our entire apartment (we have no furniture of course).  A taxi took all the stuff across town for only 25 euros, cheapest and fastest move ever.  What better reason to downsize than this?


One Response to “New apartment…. HOORAY!!!!!”

  1. Leigh August 29, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    You are an inspiration to those of us who cling to unncecessary treasures.

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