New Semester + Lesson #1: Streusel + Pave aux amandes

31 Aug

I’m back in school and it seems much more appropriate now – it feels like fall and everyone is advertising their ‘back to school’ supplies.  I can happily report that I’m very excited to starting up again, unlike many other fall semesters in recent years.  Our group has grown.  There are now 15 students crowding the practical kitchen which makes rolling out puff pastry quite a challenge.

We received our schedules and I can’t wait to share with you all the treasures in the coming weeks.  The recipes are naturally much more complicated and multi-stepped and I look forward to the challenge!   Our first demo was last night I we have already created Streusel (a very different variation) and Pave aux amandes (a very moist flourless almond cake).

The German student beside me nearly died when the chef made the streusel as it’s far from traditional – this version is a circle of puff pastry fill with fromage blanc, apricot halves and topped with ‘ze crumble’ as the chef said in his best English today.   The Pave aux amandes was quite simply butter, sugar, eggs and ground almonds, perfect for those in need of a gluten-free treat.

Next up:  raspberry and passion fruit tart!


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