Dave’s Walks #1 – Belleville

5 Sep

What to do when you have a place in mind to visit, but no Paris Walks exists?  Introducing “Dave’s Walks”….  We like to go for picnics on Sundays, however there weren’t many parks left in our Paris Walks so I had to plan our own trip.  Starting at the Metro, we headed to Belleville, formerly a town outside of Paris, famous for Willy Ronis, it’s now part of the city.

The area is much more ethnic than central Paris, with a much greater variety of shops along the streets.  The Cafe’s were bustling, and the streets were crowded with people out and about on a Sunday.  We headed up to Belleville Park, one of the highest points in Paris which became an official park in 1988.

From the top of the park in the Maison de l’aire (a building which describes the benefits of uses of wind energy) you can see all of Paris.  The park is on quite the slope but thankfully for our ageing stroller, there were many ramps leading you down each terrace.

We stopped for a quick picnic lunch in the shade where AK watched (and laughed) at the people doing Tai chi.  They didn’t seem to appreciate it all that much, but it was hard to tell with their intense focus…

On our way out of the park we saw this awesome kids play area.  On the right hand side there was a slide that was about 20 metres long, tons of ropes brought you up to the pirate ship, and on top there was even more great things to play with.  AK’s still a bit too small to enjoy it, although I was tempted by the slide…

As we left the park we went by another Notre Dame church (there are many of these in town!), and headed back up to the Belleville Metro station, passing several patisseries, and hopped on a train back home.


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