Wino Wednesday – L’Hospi. Art de Vivre

8 Sep

Back on the red wine train this week after last week’s foray into the whites.  L’Hospi. Art de Vivre, C’s pick, not that I’m trying to put the blame on anyone…

Wine: L’Hospi. Art de Vivre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vin de Pays d’Oc, 2008

Where’d we buy it:  Leader Price

How much did it cost: $3.45

Why did we pick it: Well, for our loyal followers, you know we aren’t going to pick a wine because of it’s “oakey bouquet”….  This one got chosen due to the fun label (our usual method of choice), and because we thought it had won an award. Turns out we should really read the labels better as we were fooled last week as well…  This week’s bottle did not win an award, but the winery did, for the best price to quality ratio.  I didn’t think wines got judged on that…

Was it good:  Well, there’s pros and cons to this wine.  It was quite nice with dinner, tasted like, er, wine.  I’d say at that point I would have said in the upper half of all the wine we’ve drank.  However, on glass number two which was had shortly after eating a wonderful treat from our resident Cordon Bleu Chef, I’d have to say it’s not an “after dessert wine” by any means…


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