12 Sep

We took a short day trip to the French town of Rouen, which is about a 1 hour train ride North West of Paris in the Normandy area.  The town is best known as being the place where Joanne of Arc was tried, tortured, and executed.  The tower in which she was tried still stands today.

We headed to Rouen with some of C’s new friends from school.  It’s a bit different sight seeing with a new group of people when you’ve been doing it alone for the last 3 months.  It was definitely a slower pace than we were used to, but at the same time it was nice to have new people to chat with.

The town was founded in the time of Julius Caeser and has been under both French and British rule in the past.  The architecture in Rouen is quite different from Paris, many of the buildings are older and are of the “half timbered” style (and leaning in one direction or the other).

Rouen must have more cathedrals than any European town we have seen to date.  This led to much confusion as the person with the map in our group kept basing all directions on “the cathedral”, until it was pointed out that there were at least 5 in the historic area that all looked fairly similar…

It’s a very picturesque town with the river Seine flowing through it’s centre.  The Atlantic coast is incredibly close, in retrospect we probably should have gone for the weekend and taken a train to the ocean to have a look around.


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