Block Party…

13 Sep

We were lucky enough to move in just before the bi-annual block party on our tiny street.  Our family now has met more of our neighbours in less than 2 weeks than we met the entire 3 months in our first apartment.   The most prominent figure that night, the gentlemen we call the mayor of our street, was kind enough to introduce us to everyone that he knew that spoke English.  D of course speaks French so I think this gesture was strictly for my benefit.  Even AK found a few new friends…not that she doesn’t already do this on a daily basis at the park and on the metro.

(I apologize for the blurry photo – it was getting pretty dark at this point.)

We had high hopes for a French ‘potluck’ and granted, there were a few nice things but it mainly consisted of wine, cheese and oddly enough, a rather large bowl of guacamole.  It was fun nonetheless…AK danced the night away to one of the neighbours singing and ate more hummus than D and I combined.  All in all, a pretty fantastic Saturday evening in Paris for those who can’t really go out to the bar anymore…

Amazingly, this little event has been going twice a year for 13 years!  It’s too bad we won’t be around for the next one.


One Response to “Block Party…”

  1. Sarah September 14, 2010 at 1:43 pm #

    VERY cute! sounds like a good night out!

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