Vide Grenier – (aka garage sale)

14 Sep

A few weeks ago posters started to pop up all over our neighbourhood advertising a “vide grenier”, which literally translates to “empty the attic”.  What was all this attic emptying about? Some kind of new found insulation? No, in fact it is the french version of the garage/yard sale.  It kind of makes sense seeing as very few people in Paris actually have a garage/yard, although most don’t have an attic either…

The sale was located on the main street at the end of our block.  People had to sign up for spaces back in June to be able to hawk their unwanted treasures.  The street, having been closed off to traffic, was packed, not only with sellers, but with people out looking for good buys.  The assortment of stuff for sale was truly amazing, from old cameras to kids toys to clothing and shoes (used converses were wildly popular).  There were even some street performers including this accordion/drum duo.

I met the world’s worst haggler, when I asked him how much he wanted for this old polaroid camera, he said 15 euros.  I replied “15 euros for this camera?”, to which he replied “15 for that? no I can’t go that low, how about 25?”.  Somehow he offered me one price, only to bargain upwards… In the end the camera wasn’t worth more than about 5 so I didn’t bother.

I did pick up a wooden pull toy for AK (using some of Auntie E and Uncle D-Rod’s b-day money!). It’s a little wooden caterpillar that she loves to take on walks around the apartment.


2 Responses to “Vide Grenier – (aka garage sale)”

  1. Erin & D-Rod September 14, 2010 at 9:16 pm #

    Yeah! Hope Aria is enjoying her new toy 🙂

  2. karin September 14, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    It is way better than any “pull” toy you can buy here. The long string is deemed a safety hazard and they seem to be a maximum of 4 -6 inches long – aka: useless.

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