Wino Wednesday – Fin Bouquet

15 Sep

This week’s wine is a return to the bottom of the barrel so to speak.  We decided to revisit the ultra low end of the price scale with a little something called Fin Bouquet, which loosely translates to the “final bouquet”.  As we cracked it open, we hoped it would not be our last bouquet…

Wine: Fin Bouquet, Vin de Table (table wine).  As for type, it says “melange de vins de differents pays de la communaute Europeene”, or “a mix of different wines from around the European Union”.  I’m not sure about you, but I envision vineyards from across Europe scraping the last few ounces of wine out of their barrels and sending it all to some central processing unit where they mix them all together, slap on a fun label and an uninteresting name, and hope to make a bit of cash off of it…  I think they should have named it “the European Schmorgasborg”

Where’d we buy it:  Carrefour

How much did it cost: Well, as we said, we were going for rock bottom prices, so we were a little disappointed that the $1.05 red wine was sold out.  We ended up paying $1.11 for this little gem.

Why did we pick it: As said above, we were going for deep discount pricing.  While a cheaper per litre price could have been had (for instance the 5 litre plastic barrel of wine for $6), 5 litres of wine would last us till Christmas.

Was it good:  It’s hard to dislike a schmorgasborg, and this wine really doesn’t have too much to fault it.  It’s hard to make any serious critique on a wine that costs less than most grape juice, I mean the clean water within the wine is probably worth most of the $1.11 price tag.  However there also wasn’t much to make it stand out from any other wine.  So in closing it was… nice.  We could have done far worse.


2 Responses to “Wino Wednesday – Fin Bouquet”

  1. Justin August 6, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    Please can someone tell me where i can purchase this wine from the United Kingdom????


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    […] one year later!). Getting so caught up in saving money and finding that sweet deal, D picked up Fin Bouquet strictly due to price (a rock bottom 1,09 euros).  At least we enjoy it though!  Our […]

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