Lesson 6: Opera

16 Sep

Oh, layers of joconde, ganache and coffee buttercream, how I love thee…

I was quite excited to see Opera on the list for this semester as I have been quite enamoured with the multi-layered dessert since our arrival in Paris…D didn’t seem to mind me bringing it home either.  Sorry, I can’t tell you why it’s called ‘opera’.  No one seems to know the reason why but I will tell you that it’s delicious!

This was also our first attempt at writing in chocolate on one of our creations – a very tricky feat while the chef is yelling to ‘allez, allez!’ and other students are breathing down your neck to see how your’s turns out.  I was lucky this time, no shaky hands and a perfect cornet.  Another student asked to take a picture of mine because he said it was ‘tres jolie’…D said he probably sent that picture home to his family claiming it was his.  Anyways, I would call this one a success (except my lack of imbibing the joconde layers, for shame).  It seems this week is chocolate themed, D is in heaven!  More cocoa treats to come…


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