Wino Wednesday – O

22 Sep

I’m flying solo this week for Wino Wednesday and the pressure is on.  D and AK headed to the UK yesterday leaving me to go it alone for a few days.  It’s been tough.  But nothing a little rose won’t help…

I figured posing the bottle beside my lovely notebook (which D actually made for me, that’s right, it’s hand-crafted!) would give you an idea as to how small this bottle is.  Definitely for the weak, it was almost embarrassing buying this alongside other Parisians with shopping carts full of big-kid size bottles.

Wine: O Natura, Syrah…

Where’d we buy it:  Monoprix

How much did it cost: 1.50, bit of a splurge for a single serving

Why did we pick it: Since I was on my own for this one, I went for size first (small = very limited selection) and then reached for the girliest one there.

Was it good:  I really liked it – the little bit there was!  Definitely my favourite rose so far…but oh so many more to try.


One Response to “Wino Wednesday – O”

  1. dabcan September 22, 2010 at 9:08 pm #

    maybe you could have drowned your sorrows with a bigger bottle….

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