Another lil’ rant…

25 Sep

I’m sure sometimes you read our blog and wonder why we decided to stay longer?!  Yes, we rant, well, a lot, but we do really love Paris.  There are just a few things that really get to us…

Last week, we decided to check out a few places on my ‘must-see’ list in the 6th.  First stop, Patrick Roger – oh what beautiful, delicious creations.  I had to go see what it was all about after reading David Lebovitz‘s ‘The Sweet Life in Paris’.  We were also just about to tackle chocolate making in class, so good timing.

After a single chocolate each (very difficult decision), we headed to Intaglio, a lovely little stationery store just outside of Luxembourg Gardens.   I read about this sweet little find in Vivre Cote Paris, a great resource if you are in Paris.

Anywho, back to the rant…AK loves playing and people watching in the park and since we were so close to Luxembourg Gardens, why not.  I quickly noticed the fenced of playground, divided into 2-5 years and 6-12 years areas.  As we got closer, I also noticed that there was a booth where you actually had to pay!?!  Unbelievable!  Never have we seen a playground in a public park that was not free, ridiculous – especially since it would have cost us over 5 euros.  AK spends no more than 20 minutes in the park right now without becoming bored and/or tired so it was an obvious choice to not pay.   It was a tough to say no though…


One Response to “Another lil’ rant…”

  1. Robin October 6, 2010 at 8:29 pm #

    You are a horrible father….:)

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