Flat white…

27 Sep

Coffee seems to have a pretty bad reputation here in Paris.  I mean, it’s ok, until you go to Italy…so I hear.  A corner cafe espresso certainly hits the spot when you are in dire need of caffeine and people-watching but I’m always on the hunt for an exceptional coffee here.  Merce and the Muse definitely delivered but I haven’t found much lately…but then, we were heading to London, a completely different coffee culture.   Enter, the flat white.

D enjoys reading the Guardian online and noticed this article.  This was a new beverage to be discovered!  I worked at Starbucks for years and thought I had seen it all, until we hit up the Flat White cafe on Berwick Street.  The flat white is somewhere between a latte and cappuccino – and after my fair share of taste-testing, seems that some places can’t differentiate.  Technically, it should consist of the first 10 ml of three shots of espresso and a small amount of steamed milk, not frothy but with thick,dense foam.  The namesake cafe’s take on this new trend was by far the best, they do have a business built on the drink.  I had to try a few big chains’ offerings as well.  Costa‘s version was good but not quite the same, more of a latte than anything.  Likewise for the others.

I wish I could offer a more comprehensive report, but alas, we were only in London for about a day and a half – only so much caffeine I consume in such a short period of time!   Just want to keep you all in the loop when flat whites appear on the cafe menu’s back in Canada, at least I hope they do…


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